1000 Fungal Genomes Project



1000 Genomes Progress (2018 update)

1KFG project progress A quick update on this site to report we are continuing to sequence genomes at a fast pace due to the efforts of the DOE JGI’s work and collaborating labs preparing DNA and RNA. The number of genomes in the Mycocosm system is now more than 1000 and the 1KFG project has contributed many hundred to this effort. We are working phylogenetic and comparative genomic papers to describe more of what can be learned from these data about the evolution and biology of fungi.


Fruiting Body Dna Rna Extraction

title: Extracting DNA and RNA from Fruiting Bodies tags: dna extraction rna extraction fruiting body author: Annegret Kohler, Claude Murat, Francis Martin member: annegret-kohler — EXTRACTING DNA AND RNA FROM FRUITING BODIES by Annegret Kohler, Claude Murat & Francis Martin at INRA-Nancy Getting started A review about JGI sample preparation requirements can be found here. By October 2014 a fungal standard draft project requires 12µg of high quality DNA and 3µg of total RNA. So...


Graduate student-postdoc challenge

The 1000 Fungal Genome (1KFG) project is a large-scale community sequencing project supported by the Joint Genome Institute(JGI). The goal of 1KFG is to facilitate the sequencing of fungal genomes across the Kingdom Fungi with the objective to significantly advance genome-enabled mycology. The sampling guideline is to sequence two species of fungi for every family-level clade of Fungi so that genomic data is representative of phylogenetic diversity of Fungi. In support of this endeavor, 1K...