1000 Fungal Genomes Project

Graduate student-postdoc challenge

The 1000 Fungal Genome (1KFG) project is a large-scale community sequencing project supported by the Joint Genome Institute(JGI). The goal of 1KFG is to facilitate the sequencing of fungal genomes across the Kingdom Fungi with the objective to significantly advance genome-enabled mycology. The sampling guideline is to sequence two species of fungi for every family-level clade of Fungi so that genomic data is representative of phylogenetic diversity of Fungi.

In support of this endeavor, 1KFG is pleased to announce the Graduate Student/Postdoc Challenge. From July 2014-June 30 2015 we will accept nominations to sequence up to 100 species of fungi in support of graduate student and postdoctoral research projects. Students and postdocs are encouraged to nominate species and submit DNA and RNA samples for genomic sequencing. Species can be nominated as follows: 1. Establish a JGI account. 1. Use the 1KFG nomination page to nominate species. It is necessary to provide information (approximately one paragraph) on: * justification (e.g., biological importance, relevance to JGI mission, sequence utilization), * background/available resources (e.g., genome size, ploidy, available sequences), and * experience of nominator to provide nucleic acid material. In the “experience” section please designate that the genome is being nominated for the Graduate Student/Postdoc Challenge. 1. Where two species have been sequenced for a family, additional species can be proposed based on biological novelty (e.g., phylogenetic, ecological, etc.). 1. Nominations will be expedited for review and if approved, students and postdocs must be able to provide high quality DNA and RNA samples to JGI for sequencing. JGI will sequence the genomes, perform assemblies, and genome annotations. 1. Once completed the genomes will be made freely available to the student/postdoc for use in their research, and the student/postdoc will be the Lead Investigator/Collaborator on the project. 1. Genomes will be posted on the JGI Mycocosm site and visible to the global research community. Permission for use prior to publication is granted by the Lead Investigator/Collaborator. 1. See JGI User Guidelines for additional information.