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Protocols for fruiting body sampling

Recently 1KFG has begun exploring using fresh fruiting body sampled tissue to obtain DNA rather than requiring pure culture-based samples only. This can be problematic for a variety of reasons including the heterokaryon nature of fruiting tissue, possible contamination with bacteria, insects, or other fungi, and the limitations to return to the exact sample for additional sampling since it will either be destroyed in the sampling or only have a small amount left for a voucher specimen.

All of that noted, we still can only obtain samples of some fungi as fruiting mushrooms. The INRA-Nancy group have applied this approach of sampling fruiting tissues to several mushrooms including the published Tuber genome. So please see the links for  DNA extraction and extracting DNA from fruiting bodies.

If you are interested in contributing samples to the sequencing especially after making collections on a foray, please take note of the guidelines above and see the JGI 1000 Fungal Genomes list to identify where there are missing taxa which could be contributed. Simply fill out a nomination on the page for a species you can or have collected and it will be evaluated and if it passes the requirements, confirmed for nomination.

Grad Students & Postdocs, please also see how you can propose a species for sequencing through the Grad student / Postdoc challenge which will include these fruiting body samples.