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Nominations for 1000 fungal genomes

We are excited to be entering the next phase of the F1000 project. After a modest start, we now have more than 50 genomes in the pipeline. So far more than 25% of the current 626 Families have at least one genome sequenced and 80 families already have at least two genomes sampled. Nominations for additional species for the next phase of the F1000 project are now open on the JGI website supporting the Fungal 1000 genomes project.

You can login and post your nominations by providing information. The F1000 committee will insure this fits the 2 genomes per family rules. The justification must provide some supporting information on how this fungal genome fits in the DOE mission and that it is indeed increasing the phylogenetic diversity of sampling. If the phylogenetic position of the group is ambiguous or inconsistent with the current taxonomy please provide additional supporting information (phylogenetic trees, publications) that can support the idea that this is increasing the diversity of sampling from the Fungal tree. The nominator must provide the RNA and DNA in quantities necessary for the project following JGI guidelines. From their page the selection criteria includes:

Criteria for Selection:

  • Phylogenetic diversity – the selected fungal project must be from a family with one or no sequenced members. If you are aware of sequencing projects in progress for similar species, please let us know.
  • DOE mission relevance – alternative fuel, carbon cycling, bioremediation. Pathogens or commensals studied in the context of human health or disease are not allowed. These proposals will be rejected.
  • Commitment and likelihood to provide DNA and RNA of required quantity and quality for the nominated fungus (see JGI Sample Preparation Requirements). Desired: proof of previously isolated materials, such as gel images of DNA preps, Bioanlyzer traces of RNA preps, citations describing nucleic acid solutions for sequencing, ITS and/or large subunit sequences, access to a wet lab.
  • Ability of the nominator to oversee project from supplying materials, through analysis and publication. Desired: publication records.
  • Biological questions researcher hopes to answer with the proposed genome.

In addition you can help us track the genomes which are underway by making sure your projects are linked through GOLD or directly out on the site.

Please note that nomination and successful submission of biological materials is only the first step. The nominator should also be able to show follow through to analyze the genome data and work towards generating publications. The F1000 consortium will work together with you as collaborators where possible but it is expected the nominator(s) will be project leads analyzing the genome data once it is annotated and released.