The project was proposed by the following Primary Investigators, but we hope to make this a resource and a collaborative project that engages the broad mycological community.

Primary Investigators

Culture collections


    • Alisha Quandt
    • Aaron David
    • Alija Mujic
    • Allison Walker
    • Andrii Gryganskyi
    • Annegret Kohler
    • Asuncion Morte
    • Brenda Wingfield
    • Benjamin Stielow
    • Cathie Aime
    • Daniel Lindner
    • David Ezra
    • David Hibbett
    • Derek Johnson
    • Francis Martin
    • Gabor Kovacs
    • Gerald Bills
    • Gregory Bonito
    • Gunther Doehlemann
    • Hao Tan
    • Hongae Park
    • In-Geol Choi
    • James Anderson
    • Jana U’Ren
    • Janneke Bloome
    • Kathryn Bushley
    • Kerry O’Donnel
    • Kevin Solomon
    • Kirk Broders
    • Konstantin Krutovsky
    • Lazslo Nagly
    • Manfred Binder
    • Martha Powell
    • Mary Berbee
    • Merje Toome
    • Michelle O’Malley
    • Mike Wingfield
    • Minou Nowrousian
    • Otto Miettinen
    • Patricia Jargeat
    • Patrik Inderbitzin
    • Pedro Crous
    • Posy Busby
    • Rachel Koch
    • Rex Malstrom
    • Romina Gazis
    • Rytas Vilgalys
    • Sebastien Duplessis
    • Teeratas Kijpornyongpan
    • Timothy James

Additional contributions from Taxonomists, Mycologists, and those focusing on fungal genomics is encouraged and needed. We need the expertise and efforts of the entire community of fungal enthusiasts from scientists to amateurs to collect the materials in order to sample the 500+ recognized families of Fungi.  We also welcome the help and contributions of genome scientists interested in interpreting the results from the sequencing projects and comparative analyses.  Please contact Joey or Jason by email if you have an interest. In the coming months we will provide an interactive web resource to track the project involvement and which Families need help gathering materials.

2 thoughts on “Participants”

  1. Hi Joey and Jason,

    great to hear and to see that your 1000 fungal genome project has been funded (I assume) by the NSF. When I met Joey at the Asian Mycological Congress AMC9 in Incheon, Seoul, South Korea in August, things weren’t be that far since the proposal was still under review. I like to send my congratulations to you and to thank you for initiating such a nice project. Sequencing fungal genomes on such a large scale will majorly contribute to our understanding of genome evolution and architecture. Lower organisms like fungi represent fine model organisms to study correlations between genomes and evo-devo aspects. Well, I like to communicate my interest in joining all of you in that ambitious project. My research focus addresses the evolution of basal fungal lineages like chytrids and zygomycetes. Recently, we published a paper on phylogenomic analyses of fungi: of which was previously posted as “Stable backbone for the fungi” at Amongst other findings, we found a monophyletic relationship of the three phyla of zoosporic fungi, the Blastocladiomycota, Chytridiomycota and Neocallimastigomycota, which may justify a ‘re-unification’ of the chytrids as coherent class. Also the former Zygomycota appear to be more closely related when phylogenomic data are being used which were quality-checked for orthology. Thus, I’d like to offer you (also on behalf of my colleagues, joining me in the basal lineages) our help and expertise with these basal fungal lineages. Moreover, I’m happy to provide fungal strains of the Jena Microbial Resource Collection (currently, hosting 45,000 microbial strains, of which 15,000 are fungi), which I’m heading, is (if you think it would be useful for the project) for your disposal and at stand by.

    It would be great if you could send my a short notification whether you have received this.
    With kind regards,
    Kerstin Voigt

  2. Thanks for the comments Kerstin – we will be in touch by email too. In general, discussions are probably easier to have on the Forum site but we appreciate your interest and volunteered info.

    For the record the project to sequence the genomes is supported by the DOE through the JGI and is for the sequencing only. This is not grant to support analysis yet by the community, but we are working to seek support for a research network to coordinate the research and ultimately support to do analyses too.

    The Jena collection is great to hear about and as we discuss how to choose the basal lineages to go after and we will definitely seek your input in the discussion.

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Sequencing unsampled fungal diversity

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