Update on 1KFG Genome Releases

It has been a busy Fall term and there were several genomes that were completed but slipped through our announcements.  So here is a quick update on some genomes that were released recently by JGI and sequenced as part of 1KFG.

Dothideomycetes: Lophiostoma macrostomum (Lophiostomataceae, Pleosporales), Piedraia hortae (Piedraiaceae, incertae sedis) contributed by Manfred Binder and Pedro Crous at CBS Netherlands.

Eurotiomycetes: Monascus purpureus (Monascaceae, incertae sedis), Gymnascella citrina, and Gymnascella aurantica (Gymnoascaceae, Onygenales) contributed by Kerry O’Donnell and Stacy Sink at USDA Peoria.

Sordariomycetes: Anthostoma avocetta (Diatrypaceae, Xylariales) contributed by Kerry O’Donnell and Stacy Sink at USDA Peoria.

Pezizomycetes: Wilcoxina mikolae (Pyronemataceae, Pezizales) contributed by Tom Bruns and Sarah Branco at UC Berkeley.

Xylonomycetes: Xylona heveae (Xylonomycetaceae, Xylonomycetales) contributed by David Hibbett and Romina Gazis at Clark University.

Mucoromycotina: Backusella circina (Thamnidiaceae, Mucorales) contributed by Andrii Grygansky at Duke University

If you are interested in contributing species to the 1KFG project, please visit the nomination page http://genome.jgi.doe.gov/pages/fungi-1000-projects.jsf.  The project is open to worldwide participation and all researchers are welcome.  The time to contribute is now!!