Zopfia rhizophila genome release

1KFG is pleased to announce the public release of the Zopfia rhizophila genome http://genome.jgi.doe.gov/Zoprh1/Zoprh1.home.html.  Zopfia rhizophila is classified in the family Zopfiaceae (Dothideomycetes), but it has unknown ordinal affiliation.  It is associated with roots and rhizomes of asparagus and causes root rots in weakened and wounded plants.

Zopfia rhizophila was contributed to the 1KFG project by Manfred Binder and Pedro Crous of Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures KNAW, Netherlands, and represents the first genome sequenced for the family Zopfiaceae.  As always, please contact the lead contact and PIs associated with unpublished 1KFG genomes for permission prior to the use of any data in publications.

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