Rhizopus microsporus genome release

1KFG is pleased to announce the public release of the Rhizopus microsporus genome http://genome.jgi.doe.gov/Rhimi1_1/Rhimi1_1.home.html.  Rhizopus microsporus is a soil-inhabiting member of the Mucorales (Zygomycota).  It can cause mucoromycosis in immunocompromised humans and seedling blight in rice.  It harbors bacterial endosymbionts, including beta-protoebacteria Burkholderia rhizoxinica and B. endofungorum, which provide the fungus with potent toxins and control its asexual reproduction.  These attributes make R. microsporus into an attractive system to study fungal interactions with bacteria and to decipher reproductive biology of Mucorales.

Rhizopus microsporus was contributed to the 1KFG project by Teresa Pawlowska and Stephen Mondo of Cornell University.  As always, please contact the lead contact and PIs associated with unpublished 1KFG genomes for permission prior to the use of any data in publications.

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