Lichtheimia hyalospora v1.0 genome release

1KFG is pleased to announce the public release of the Lichtheimia hyalospora genome  The genus Lichtheimia belongs to the family Lichtheimiaceae (Mucorales, Mucoromycotina) of the zygomycetous fungi.  Mucorales includes numerous well-known fungi such as Rhizopus and Phycomyces, but L. hyalospora represents the first genomic sequence of the Lichtheimiaceae.  Lichtheimia is a ubiquitous thermotolerant soil zygomycete, which grows between 200C and 550C, with rapid mycelial growth occurring between 37 and 420C. Its thermotolerance enables the fungus to survive the digestive tract of mammals and it is often found in animal intestinal contents and feces. It can cause ‘self-heating’ of animal feed stored under moist conditions.  It was contributed to the 1KFG project by Andrii Gryganski of Duke University and Jason Stajich of University of California at Riverside.  As always, please contact the lead contact and PIs associated with unpublished 1KFG genomes for permission prior to the use of any data in publications.

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