Update on 1KFG

1000 Fungal Genomes (1KFG) is off and running.  The first year required a bit of “priming of the pump” but we have made some significant progress recently and nominations for new genomes are increasing rapidly.  Nineteen genomes have been completed as part of the Early Diverging Fungi (EDF) and 1KFG CSPs.  They are both included here as they are directly related efforts that started as EDF CSP and transformed into 1KFG.  The majority of isolates completed to date are from Ascomycota.  The rationale for focusing initially on Ascomycota was because significant progress had been made on Basidiomycota as part of the Saprobic Agaricomycotina Project (SAP) led by David Hibbett and the Mycorrhizal Genome Project led by Francis Martin.  1KFG, however, is open to all clades within Kingdom Fungi so nominate and provide samples for undersampled, sub-ordinals clades at jgi.doe.gov/fungi.  Stay tuned as 1KFG will be providing weekly updates on progress in sequencing, annotations, releases and nominations of fungi.

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